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about my DJ work

We do not teach line dances. We do not tell jokes.
• We do professionally emcee and manage your Event.
• We do discuss with you what will be the right music to your interests.
• We do sequence the songs "live", according to how your guests are reacting.
• We are professional, low key, excellent DJs at very reasonable rates
• We purchase all our music from iTunes or Amazon.
• We have NEVER downloaded any music illegally.
My pre-Event planning has lead the industry for over 20 years.
Dave's (and Evens') sound system:
Bose L1 model II with Bose B2 Bass module.
• Capable / designed for audiences up to 500
• 24-speaker articulated line array delivers 180-degree horizontal sound coverage (amazing)
• Produces the most consistent tonal balance with little volume drop-off over distance
Keith's sound system:
Mackie HD1221 DJ speakers (4) - w/Mackie subs
• These sound incredible, very rich, clear, and full..!
• Really has a full concert-like sound!
• Capable / designed for audiences from 50 to 1000